Innovation and energy saving, boost China PV industry successful transformation

Hangzhou Xin Fu saving Materials Co., Ltd. is located within 30 kilometers from the Hangzhou Lin'an Qingshan Lake Science and Technology City, the company was founded in February 2010.Registered capital of 31.5 million yuan. The company was originally Yifan Fu Xin Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (stock code: 002019) subsidiary,

With a strong economic strength, research and development capabilities.

  • XF3-01- Standard
    XF3-01 EVA film is Xin Fu saving conventional film products, mainly used in solar cell module p
  • XF3-01T-high permeability type
    XF3-01 EVA film to different wavelengths of light transmittance and ultra-white glass overlap,
  • XF3-01P / XF3-01U combination
    PV plants evoked potential attenuation (PID) effect may cause serious attenuation means power.
  • XF3-03-white film type
    XF3-03 white EVA film is Xin Fu introduced a new energy-efficient solar cell module packaging m
Innovation and energy saving, focus on quality, build a good reputation

Companies in ensuring product quality and stability while continuing to improve products and new energy, development of new products. The company's products have achieved UL, TUV certification. And the first independent application by T UV certification enterprises. The company has introduced iso14001 environmental certification and iso9000 quality management certification, the company produces standardized operation and management。

The company is Yifan Fu Xin Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (stock code: 002019) subsidiary, has strong economic strength, research and development capabilities.
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